My Story

My name is Yoel And I'm a wildlife photographer, an adventurer and a nature lover. I spent most of my adult life searching for adventures and exploring the far ends of the world. 

My Passion is wildlife. I am fascinated with animals behavior, from birds to big cats and bears. I feel very comfortable far from the city, in the Jungles, Mountains the desert or in the frozen parts of the planet.

In the last decade I lead hundreds of adventurers and photographers to the craziest and wildest places on earth to experience and photograph the most amazing natural phenomena's and wildlife.  

In 2015 I founded Wild Travel - A travel company that specialize in extreme, of the grid expeditions and adventures. I partnered with Tomer Razabi an amazing photographer and a great friend and together we created this great adventure. Along the way we got to work, travel and to share some amazing experiences with some awesome people.